11 Things to do Trapped inside Your Tent on a Rainy Day

Things to do Trapped inside Your Tent on a Rainy Day

They cant all be bright, sunny, hot days. Sometimes, no matter how much you obsess and check the weather report before you leave the house, the sky still ends up dumping buckets of rain on you. And while the truly brave and fearless among us may venture out for a full day on the trail despite the weather, most of us, if we can take a day off, hunker down, stay dry and cozy in our sleeping bags and wait out the bad weather.

But what to do on a bad weather day, trapped inside your tent? Here ...

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Details on the New and Improved IMapBC Tool

IMapBC Map and Suunto MC-2 Compass

It’s rare that I go on any backpacking trip without a map. And while I’ve got nothing against the big, glossy folding maps that typically get used for backcountry adventures, I prefer to print mine and stuff them in a waterproof ziplock, like in the picture above.

But sometimes, often really, finding a good map on the internet is hard. Fortunately for those of us that live in BC, the provincial government had made backcountry maps a lot easier (I know, who’d have thought) ...

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Outdoor Reading: The Last American Man Review

The Last American Man

When I’m out in the woods I like to carry a book with me, for those days when you get in to camp a little early and have some down time, or want to stay up to see or photograph the stars, and need to kill a few hours.

And when you’re out camping in the woods there’s nothing better than a book that deals with being out in nature in some way. So with that in mind, here’s a review of The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert (yes, that Elizabeth Gilbert. This was ...

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Tarptent Contrail Review

Tarptent Contrail in the Alpine

I’ve had my Tarptent Contrail for a few years now, and have never really had much cause to complain about it. It’s my first ultralight single wall tent, so I don’t have a whole lot to compare it to either, but I feel confident saying that it performs admirably enough.

Tarptent, if you’re not familiar with them, is a small operation run by Henry Shires, based in California, where all their products are manufactured. That’s right, made in the USA. The company was ...

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Trip Report: 3 Days up Marriott Basin and Mount Marriott

Mount Marriott Peak Cairn

After my last internet organized trip to Phantom Lake went so well I figured I’d try it out again, this time with an organization called Wanderung that works as an email list for people looking to go hiking, camping and backpacking in the Vancouver area.

I traded a few emails with Rick, who was organizing the trip, and everything sounded great, so I dragged myself down to the 6:20 AM ferry a few days later and he picked me up in Horseshoe Bay on our way up to the Mount ...

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Scarpa Epics Review

Scarpa Epics

After doing many hours of research, several trips to various stores to try on different pairs of potential shoes, and a lot more soul searching than I care to admit to, I went with the Scarpa Epics at the beginning of this summer season, without trying them on or even seeing them in person.

Yes, it's extremely important to try your shoes on before you buy them. I've got a whole closet of just okay shoes that prove the point. But I'd tried on a few other Scarpa models, and what ...

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Trip Report: 5 Days From Sigurd Peak to Phantom Falls and Phantom Lake

Sigurd Peak Cairn

This all started out as something completely different. The original plan was to do the Stein Valley Traverse, which is a trail anywhere from 75 km to 100 km long (depending on the source) through the Stein Valley, north east of Pemberton (if anyone has a definite length for the Stein Valley Traverse I'd love to know about it).

I had put up a posting on Club Tread, a backpacking forum popular with outdoor enthusiasts in BC, asking if anyone was interested, and Sean said ...

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